Thank you for visiting the Fund-development website and the opportunities for service. We are here to facilitate and assist you in a most personal and confidential manner with your philanthropic objectives for our remarkable school. If you are visiting us for the first time, we extend a warm welcome and are grateful for your interest and hopeful that you will decide to contact us with support.

The success of Meadow View Junior Academy (MVJA) is exhibited every day in the lives of the children and young people who attend this educational institution by their satisfied and joyful smiles and the visible evidence of changed lives. Moreover, we will see this evidence of success when we get to heaven as we encounter the many students whose lives were transformed by the grace of Jesus through the ministry of Adventist education at Meadow View Junior Academy. Adventist education is truly the longest and effective evangelistic effort of our Church!

Your gifts ensure that each and every child is provided with the best resources and financial aid possible; as well as allow us to acquire and upgrade other resources to further enrich our educational program.

MVJA is committed to Christian education, but we cannot further our mission and vision without your ongoing financial support. There are several ways you can donate to the school - by sending a check directly to the school or by making an online payment.

Your fully tax-deductible contribution may be made anytime until June 30th and will go right to work supporting Meadow View's mission.  Also, would your employer match your gift? Ask them!

For more information, please contact our Development Director Jasmine Kelly-Stephens at 917-860-6430.


Thank you!