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The Eglantine & Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse Scholarship Fund

Updated: January 18, 2022


Our Mission

"To provide students at Meadow View Junior Academy adequate financial assistance to obtain a quality Adventist education at Meadow View Junior Academy."


The Eglantine & Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse Scholarship started in 2014 in memory of Eglantine and Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse. It is a financial assistance fund developed by Borgella & Sabine Saint-Ulysse in collaboration with their family and friends. Eglantine and Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse were Haitian farmers with modest means who believed in the power of education to change one's socio-economic status.


The Mission of The Eglantine & Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse Scholarship Fund is to raise money to provide financial support to families desiring to enroll their child/children at Meadow View Junior Academy to obtain a quality Adventist education.

Who Receives The Scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded annually to Meadow View Junior Academy students whose parents struggle financially to provide a quality Adventist education in a Christian and safe environment.

Basic Steps to Apply

  1. Contact the school principal of Meadow View Junior Academy.

  2. Request an application.

  3. Applicants will be required to attend a meeting with the school principal or his/her designee to discuss financial information.


Scholarship Details

Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis, so the earlier you complete your application, the better chance you will have of receiving a scholarship.

All families are required to demonstrate their financial needs. In addition, families will be required to write a letter describing why they deserve the scholarship.

Children eligible for a scholarship must be entering grades K-10. Also, recipients must be five years old by the beginning of the school year for which they have been awarded a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to all eligible children in a family of Meadow View Junior Academy, provided they are entering eligible grades the year the family received the scholarship.

Families will receive up to 50% of their tuition, depending on their income, house size, and the availability of funds. (Every family will be required to contribute or raise a minimum of $1,000 per child toward tuition. Additionally, every family will be required to return the equivalent of the transportation check refund to the school if the family leaves between 2 to 20 miles to the school).

It is our goal that all scholarships be extended through the 10th grade. However, this depends on funding availability and the family's continuing eligibility.

Our Generous Contributors:

  • Borgella & Sabine Saint-Ulysse

  • Sadrail & Malou Saint-Ulysse

  • Jokebed Amay

  • Gene-Clairie Saint-Ulysse

  • Frantz and Magdana Philossaint

  •  Alfred & Joviane Marcelin

Business Partners:

Contributors will receive a tax-exempt receipt letter from Meadow View Junior Academy

Other Resources:

Funds will also be raised through direct appeal.

To donate:

  • You may donate online by simply clicking on The Eglantine & Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse Scholarship Fund

  • You may donate via mail: Make check payable to Meadow View Junior Academy,  Attention: Eglantine & Saint-Hilaire Saint-Ulysse Scholarship Fund, 241 Bordentown-Chesterfield Rd, Chesterfield, NJ 08515.